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Australia's premier ISF certified calibrator. Call Tony to book a screen calibration today.
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Who we are

Tony O’Brien

An Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and Professional Video Alliance (PVA) Certified Calibrator; Tony has over twelve years of experience. Since commencing the business in 2010, he’s travelled the country calibrating televisions, projectors and monitors for everything from home theatre, film, television and even the Stereonet HIFI Show.

A prolific writer, he’s the Senior AV Reviewer for Stereonet Australia and New Zealand. With over 100 articles to his name, Tony’s reviewed everything from home theatre projectors and televisions to AV Receivers and Processors. It’s also seen him work with some of the world’s leading brands of projectors and televisions, giving him a unique insight into how they work.

A self-professed perfectionist, he’s continually striving to improve both the methods and processes he uses. This thirst for knowledge led him to seek out and train with Greg Loewen, one of the world’s finest calibrators and founder of the Professional Video Alliance.

It also means you find some of the very best calibration equipment that money can buy in his toolkit, including; a JETI Spectraval 1501 2nm (high-res) Spectroradiometer, Klein K10-A colorimeter, Murideo 6G Signal Generator, Calman Ultimate, Colour Space and Chroma Pure Professional in addition to a comprehensive suite of test discs.