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Australia's premier ISF certified calibrator. Call Tony to book a screen calibration today.
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What we use

Our Calibration Equipment…

Not only do we employ the latest training and methodologies, but we use some of the accurate calibration equipment that money can buy. In addition to a comprehensive suite of test materials, the following is a sampling of some of the equipment we carry:

Klein K10-A Colorimeter

Klein Instruments K10A Colorimeter: our work-horse, you’ll often find us using the Klein K10A in most calibrations. A high-speed colourimeter, it offers a combination of accuracy, repeatability and low-light measurement that leaves cheaper colourimeters in the dust.

Jeti 1501 Spectroradiometer

JETI 1501 Spectroradiometer: as good as the Klein Instruments K10A is, some laser-based projectors and Quantum Dot televisions can only be measured with a high-resolution (5nm or less) spectroradiometer. Enter the JETI 1501 Spectroradiometer, a true reference grade high resolution (2nm) spectroradiometer that’s capable of accurately calibrating today’s most demanding televisions and projectors.

Murideo Six-G

Murideo Six G Pattern Generator: The Murideo 6G produces test patterns in SDR, HDR and Dolby Vision in just about every bit rate and resolution imaginable.

Harkwood Sync-One2

Sync-One2 AV Synchroniser:  incorrect AV Sync or Lip Sync causes the audio to be out of sync with the video. It’s one of the peskier artefacts most obvious with dialogue, hence the term ‘lip sync’. The Sync- One 2 takes away the guesswork, measuring audio and video synchronisation down to the millisecond.

Calman Ultimate Calibration Software

Calman Ultimate Calibration Software: The ‘grand-daddy’ of calibration software and our ‘go-to’ software for most calibrations, we have an ongoing and up-to-date subscription for Calman’s top-tier calibration software Calman Ultimate.